Play Safe

If you have Coronavirus symptoms please do not come to the club 

For your Safety -

All establishments open to the public are introducing measures to protect their customers / members and staff. Please think first for yourself and your needs, and then, your fellow players, and very importantly our staff, who are on the premises longer than everyone else. But at the end of the day it is YOU who will make the difference.

Simple measures like wearing a mask when moving about the premises will be the most important and easy to achieve.

Remember for your safety talking is best done in open spaces. If at the end of the game and the weather is fine, if you want to talk for longer periods before or after the game use the carpark. 

Track & Trace

We will ask you to use the QR app (If you have the NHS COVID 19 app. It will come up as “check in to venue”). It is basically an electronic signing in device.

If you don’t have a smart phone, you will be asked to sign in. These are mandatory and not a personal choice. The club will be enforcing these rules for your safety.

In the Building -

When you are on the green you don’t have to wear a mask. The rule of 2m is not needed as long as you use common sense, you are allowed to stand 1m+ side by side (not facing each other). If you think on a normal game of bowls, you do look down the green and talk (quietly in the background) so there is no great change there.

We will have a queuing system at the bar area, so social distancing can be adhered to, we will have the equivalent of table service, and Lucy will bring the order to you, to mitigate as much movement around the club as possible.

There will be posters to remind you on certain matters, so please read them.

Hand Sanitisers will be available at various places in the club. Please use them.


The toilets will be checked and cleaned during the day, where needed. We have hot air dryers that are allowed under government advice but paper towels are also available if you prefer.

The men will be allowed two in at a time, and the ladies will use theirs as normal, but there should be no changing in the ladies changing room. 

Fresh Air

Four of these Fresh Air Units have been installed in the club. They bring in much needed fresh air whilst retaining about 70% of the heat that is extracted with the stale air. This not only has allowed us to get back to playing bowls more safely, it will generally improve the air quality in the club.

When the weather permits, the fire exit doors may be opened.


  • We will ask you to collect your bowls from the changing rooms (with your mask on) and change your shoes next to your rink. We appreciate if you need to change your trousers etc. that will be done in the changing rooms!! The changing rooms will be open, but just for the collection of equipments.
  • All Jacks, Mats and Scoreboards will be sanitised at the end of play.
  • Hand sanitisers will be at the end of all rinks.
  • Hand wipes will be available to sanitise the jacks during play, but it is recomended that two jacks are used.
  • The number of chairs on each rink has been reduced to ensure social distancing.


As we are not yet opening for many sessions, and the future is still uncertain, there will not be a summer membership fee for this year. Instead, and in an attempt to minimise the number of coins in the club, rink fees will be £3. This will provide a safer environment for the steward, as well as reducing the number of coins to be counted and banked.

Tell Us

If you see something that bothers you, please tell the steward so it can be dealt with.

Thank you for your patience, enjoy the bowls.