League Fixtures by Leagues

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                                       DAYTIME:   A DIV        B DIV            EVENING:        A DIV         B DIV

MONDAY                    Woods - darkblue                     turqbowl                                                                  red                  yellow

TUESDAY                    yellow          purplebowl                                 greenwood

WEDNESDAY            specmaroon          specyellow                               

THURSDAY                turqbowl          Woods - red                                 specyellow 

FRIDAY                       purplebowl          greenwood                             

A few words from your League Co-ordinator.

Welcome to all the new teams that have joined our League programme this season and welcome back to all those old stalwarts who have come back for more fun, friendly, competitive bowling. Each set of individual league fixtures, including all the alterations, are on our website -www.iwibc.co.uk do
have a look if you are not sure about all the changes.


One question that often arises is about the procedure for postponement of matches.

1. If you find that you need to call off a league match for some reason, Team Captains need to make contact with their opponents, as far as possible in advance, to inform them that they will not be able to play on the designated date and that you need to arrange for the match to take place at a later date.
NOTE: If the other Team Captain is not responding, there are various ways of ensuring that the opposing team do not have a wasted journey and you do not attract a penalty (see Byelaw 16).  If there is any difficulty in making sure that the opponents are aware of the need to postpone, then you should contact your League Secretary who will be able to give you names in your opposing team who may be contactable.

-A list of all players in all teams, as at the beginning of the season, is kept behind the bar so that if a Team Captain/League Secretary is not contactable, then the Steward can look on this list for you.

-If all else fails, speak to me and I will see if there are any other ways of making contact with the opposition.

2. Once you have advised the opposition of the need to postpone, then advise your League Secretary, so that he/she knows why there is no result card for your game and the missing game can be added to the list of unplayed matches which will be posted on the noticeboard from time to time.

3. Advise the steward, so that he can note the postponement in the diary, thereby making the rink available for others to use. The unused result card will be kept behind the bar for future use.

4. The actual date for the re-arranged match might be at some time in the future but you need to make the arrangement for re-playing the match within 14 days of the postponement. This is so that the need to re-arrange is fresh in the mind and not forgotten.

Please enjoy your bowling and if you have any questions about the Leagues, do not hesitate to contact me at the Club or on 565351.

Best wishes for the season, Colin Hoath, 14 November 2011