Letter to League Team Captains

To all team captains

We are writing to you as captains of teams in the day or evening leagues, and Aussie pairs to confirm to the club if you are going to be putting your teams into the league this coming winter.


The leagues will start on Monday 4th October.


We would ask at this time that you liaise with your players to confirm their intention to participate in the coming season. [2021-22] We don’t need the names but rough numbers would help the club to plan ahead.


Can you please send your confirmation to Ian Ball ([email protected],  01983 521231 or  07802306645) by August 6th.  Failure to meet this deadline may cause your team to be omitted from the league lists.


It is important that that Ian receives the information above by the date set. This will give the club time to try to fill the gaps made in any of the leagues.


Of course we appreciate with all that is going on [Covid] that there might be a certain amount of re-assurance needed. We have been running a Monday morning session for over a month, and once people get back in here, it has worked out very well. There are restrictions in place with mask wearing and a booking system, but this has eased this week, but might depending on what happens in the future; be reintroduced.


There are extractor fans fitted as well as plenty of cleaning materials and sanitisers to hand. It also should be noted that we will be adding anything we can find to make life work better indoors, in these strange times.


We are of course hoping for a good response, but equally we need to know the worse case scenario as well, if there are a lot less teams in the leagues, leagues might need re-formatting.


Please, if you have any questions needing answered; we are here to answer them as best we can. As mentioned in a previous letter to the members, we on the committee are working hard to make this work, but the club can not survive without a good turn out of members, so please refer any concerns from the players back to us and we will do our best to re-assure them.