A Second Letter to Members - August 2021

Ian Ball (our League coordinator) has collected the details from all the team captains who have recently confirmed entry for the forthcoming season. We are down about 25% of teams and some leagues are affected worse than others.

Team captains - even if you registered your team back in 2019 and paid, you still need to confirm this. 

Ian has a lot of work to do and needs time to work on the timetable, hence why teams must be in by a certain date. In the past this would be then sent out to be printed, to form the club book that we all work from. There will be no book this year, but the season's schedule will be up for all to see in a new way, but it will be set as if in the old book. If the numbers stay as they are we might be changing the shape of the leagues to accommodate the new numbers, but we should still be able to go ahead as normal. If slightly different!

There will be no late entries as the league will be printed up and the schedule set. The only time this might change will be if; right at the start of the season we can make a league up to a number that better suits us [Say from 11 to 12]. We can’t suddenly turn a league from 12 to 13. Again that still would only be at the very start, and at our discretion.


This is the important part:

If you were in a team and your captain has decided not to put that team in, DO NOT give up on that team. We as a club can easily help you set up for the season. I am in three teams and my schedule for the whole season can be given out on one or two A4 sheets, for each team for the whole year; that is all the captain needs to do. If you are a player in a team and need to miss a game or can’t play, it's just a matter of phoning the player[s] who are not playing that week and asking them to play in your place.

We can help you get your teams set-up before the season starts. So don’t be put off, talk to your team members, one of you will put your name as captain only in name. We need a contact more than anything. You are not liable for any shortfall in games this year as captain. If you would like to put in a new team you have to the 25th August to register the team.


I have heard that Warners might not be running an indoor league this year. Only if you know this to be true; if you know any of those players can you make them aware of the date of the 25th August to enter a team. 

The membership fee is due by 1st October.