Letter to Members - August 2021

The Club Opening Day 25th September from 10am. Bowls Direct will be present to tempt you to buy, new bowls, clothes, chalks
etc. A good chance to try a range of bowls out on our own playing surface.

The team captains by now should have received notice to put their teams in by August 6th. Captains, if you haven’t you are running out of time!
We also asked the captains to confirm rough numbers of their team, to give us the committee; time to digest what sort of numbers we will have rejoining after the enforced break. The summer season has now been running a month with no problems and everyone seems back in the swing of things, to such an extent that we will be opening on Wednesday mornings as of Wednesday 4 th August, 10am start, as per Monday morning.

The money side, read to the end before making any judgement!
The annual membership fee will be £80 [October to September]. This new price was set for the 2019 season, but not implemented because of the covid break.
Being new to the finance of the club, it is, without going into details, an expensive business keeping a large [old] building like this in one piece and heated to everyone’s liking, and staff wages paid all year round. So don’t be too hard on us for price increases across the board.
Teas and coffees have gone up a little, but every drink you purchase keeps the club ticking over. We are not a ‘for profit club’, but we will be dead in the water without a surplus of funds each year; to put into our other accounts, such as the ‘playing carpet fund’, which will cost £40k+ to have renewed sometime in the near future. We are in the process of starting a re-vamp of the electrics, at some cost. The new part of the building was built in 1991 and the old part along time prior to this, so as you can imagine there is a bit of overhauling to do, slowly, and in the background, it is a boring fact, but necessary, and gives you an insight into where the money goes.

The new committee has carried on with the good work started by the outgoing committee, and are still adding little bits, like the new barrier to sit in front of the bar to keep groups from gathering around the bar area. There will be no heavy-handed instructions, or rules to stick to on your return, but on the other hand there will be changes that we will have to live with, to make life better [and safer] for all.

There will be more messages going out as required but, the 1 metre rule should where possible be adhered to, and try to get used to giving each other a bit of space especially talking in groups, spread out a bit, or even better hold long conversation outdoors. I am sure some might carry on wearing masks when moving around the club. These will be personal preferences.

One major ask from me, as Chairman is that you all acquaint yourselves to lateral flow tests. If it were possible, it would be good if you got into the habit of doing one or two a week. But, at least have them to hand and in the event of not feeling well to do a test prior to coming into the building. [You will be helping us all stay safe] We will have a temperature monitor at the club and might ask people who look or feel unwell to use it. We request people coming in with any Covid symptoms and putting it down to a cold to think again about entering the building, unless they have had a positive flow test that day.

We are answering various questions: so here are just some of them answered -

  • As mentioned the membership will be £80 for the season Oct/Sept. There is no re-joining fee this year.
  • 10 rink vouchers will be £25 instead of the old £23 and there will not be any savings on larger amounts. Because of Covid and the handling of money we are trying to discourage cash payment, so if you pay by cash it will be £3. You can see there will be advantages to buy the 10 vouchers if possible. This also greatly cuts down on admin work that is all done by an unpaid treasurer.
  • We will have a debit card reader in place this year, so payments can be made this way for all purchases as you see fit. This will greatly cut down on our workload so please use it if you can.